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"Are Your Legs Trembling at the Thought of Bidding House Cleaning Jobs?  Learn the Exact Procedures I Developed on How to Estimate House Cleaning Costs. . .
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From the Desk of: The House Cleaning Pro

Dear Business Owner,

When I started my house cleaning business, I was terrified of going out and bidding cleaning jobs. I didn't know how to sell and had no experience selling anything. I had my house cleaning business all set up and ready to go and now I needed clients.

The first step is to advertise; done!  The second step is to take the phone calls; done!  The third step is to actually go to the prospect's house and perform an in-home inspection to leave a house cleaning estimate;


I'd rather be cleaning than bidding on house cleaning jobs.

Unfortunately, you don't want to schedule the jobs on the phone (unless you're really experienced) because you don't know what shape the house is in. Trust me, the prospect will never tell you the house hasn't been cleaned in over a year - they always tell you "it's fine."

Let's face it, you're the one that will be working for pennies if you are not accurate in your pricing and bidding cleaning jobs. House cleaning is hard and strenuous work and you should be well compensated. After all, if you keep trying to lower your bids to win more jobs, over time you'll have to work more jobs to make the money you need.

There will always be people that are willing to clean for less, most of them are working for so little they eventually:

  • Can't cover their expenses 
  • Have no family or leisure time 
  • Go out of business 

So - how do you charge for house cleaning?

Wouldn't you like to earn what you're worth and have clients that are willing to pay you for the quality work you perform? This IS possible - I know, because I've done it and so can you. Click Here to Buy Now

Even with my Business Background, Pricing and Assembling a House Cleaning Estimate Was Difficult

I spent over eighteen years working for small businesses and large corporations on a consulting basis.  I have great customer service skills, but at the time I didn't know I could apply these techniques to selling.  Eventually I discovered that was exactly what I was doing.

Before going out and bidding on house cleaning jobs, I needed to establish my house cleaning fees.  That's usually one of the first things a prospect asks, "what is your house cleaning charge?"  At the time, I didn't know how to set my rate so I based it on what other house cleaning companies were charging.  

I also knew I needed forms to accurately record the house, provide a list of services I was willing to do and also a form to record my bid.  If the prospect did not schedule an appointment while I was there, I needed to leave the information with them and also retain a copy for my records.  After all, you never know when they might call back.

Once I had my rate and forms in place, I started scheduling the in-home estimates.  I had used cleaning services in my home for years and knew exactly what people were looking for.  I knew everything the "other" cleaners didn't do or didn't do very well.  This helped immensely when I arrived at the prospect's house. 

Over the years, you learn what people in different neighborhoods want; you learn what works when leaving a residential cleaning proposal for cleaning jobs and you'll learn how much you should be charging.  But in reality - do you want to take the time and effort to learn all this on your own or do you want to have proven, successful procedures NOW?  Click Here to Buy Now

(If you need more business information, check out my house cleaning Business-in-a-Box

Maybe that's why you are looking for this specific information - you already have your business up and running and you are ready for more advanced techniques that will increase your client base with exactly the clients you want.  And that's what I'll give you.

"I Don't Want to Learn All the Technical Stuff,
I Just Want the Job!"

I understand this completely and believe me, all you have to do is follow the detailed instructions - that's it!  I've provided everything you need to impress your prospects and leave accurate estimating house cleaning prices. 

Don't be fooled by information from janitorial companies that quote their jobs by the square footage.  There's more involved in how to estimate house cleaning costs than just the size of the house. 

Think about it - you can have two exact floor plans in a neighborhood and each one may take you a different amount of time to clean.  That's because one house may have more kids, pets and content.  If you run into a prospect that's a collector, decide how much you really want that job because you will spend extra time cleaning all the collectibles and increase your risk of breakage. 

Introducing My Special Report #5
How to Price Your Cleaning Jobs

Look What I Reveal!

Bidding Cleaning Jobs Image Understand What Motivates Consumers to Give You the Job
Bidding Cleaning Jobs Image How to Set Your Hourly Rate to Earn What You Want
Bidding Cleaning Jobs Image A Chart of Average Cleaning Times by Square Footage
Bidding Cleaning Jobs Image A Precise Estimating Chart to Get You Started
Bidding Cleaning Jobs Image How to "Sell" Without "Selling" to Get the Jobs
Bidding Cleaning Jobs Image The Phone Interview Process to Reel Prospects In
Bidding Cleaning Jobs Image Phone Interview Questions to Qualify Prospects and Weed Out the Deadbeats
House Cleaning Estimate Image My EXACT Bidding Process (Clients Loved it!)
House Cleaning Estimate Image Step-by-Step Bidding Details for Accuracy
House Cleaning Estimate Image How to Inspect the House to Avoid Insulting the Prospect
House Cleaning Estimate Image What to Look For During the Inspection to Justify Your Bid
House Cleaning Estimate Image Steps to Reviewing Your Bid With Your Prospect to Get the Job
House Cleaning Estimate Image Negotiating Your Rate - Pros and Cons
House Cleaning Estimate Image How to Schedule Jobs Without an In-Home Estimate
House Cleaning Estimate Image How to Identify and What to do About Price Shoppers
House Cleaning Estimate Image Scheduling In-Between Jobs to Make Even More Money
House Cleaning Estimate Image

Why Revealing Your Rate Too Soon Will Lose the Job

Once you know these EXACT procedures, you'll have confidence arriving at a new prospect's house and bidding the cleaning job. My techniques are so friendly, you'll find yourself enjoying the process and winning more jobs.

 Imagine - Never Having to Sweat Over
Your Home Cleaning Estimates Again!

You get all my EXACT pricing and tips for bidding on a house that I developed and used in my house cleaning business. This is really a no-brainer decision for you if you're serious about your business.

Invest in Your Business Today and
Start Earning More When You Know EXACTLY How to Estimate House Cleaning Costs!

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Designed to provide you with the information you need when you need it. This is not general business information you can find anywhere else - these are specific steps for estimating house cleaning prices.

This special report contains highly important and sensitive information you will not find FREE. This report is 19 pages in length. I am offering this information at a low price and not giving it away free, for 3 reasons.

  1. The low price puts the report within reach of the vast majority of people. It's not too expensive for even the beginning house cleaning business person.
  2. Anyone who's not serious enough to invest in the report isn't going to take the time to use the methods laid out anyway.
  3. Anyone who is serious enough to put down the price of a fast food dinner for the family and buy this report has the opportunity to make their investment back by implementing the information provided.


    I am completely confident what worked for me will work for you and I will stand behind your purchase.

    Because this report contains specific pricing and bidding information, there are NO REFUNDS. Why? I'm sorry to say there are just too many people on the Internet that want something for nothing. You know that a few ruin it for the many. Once you buy and download the digital report, it's on your computer and you can't give it back! So if you're unsure about this purchase, please move on to another Internet site.

    But - if you have ANY trouble implementing these techniques and procedures, I will provide you with one hour of personal coaching to guide you to success.


If you're serious about your specific issue and need this information, click the "Buy Now" button below. If you need to justify the expense, skip going to McDonald's for dinner once this week and it's paid for.

Can you really afford to run your business without this valuable information on estimating house cleaning prices? Do you have the time to figure it out on your own? This detailed process for bigging cleaning jobs is really for those wanting to succeed in their business and those wanting to grow it bigger and better. Are you one of those people?

This is the missing link that will make you more profitable...

You Can Be Using These Techniques and Procedures
TOMORROW - Immediate Download!

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To Your Success!
House Cleaning Pro

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P.P.S.  Either you're successful with the report or you get my personal one hour of coaching to guide you to success!

P.P.P.S. You can be the best house cleaner in your city. Unfortunately, if you don't price and bid your jobs correctly, you could work yourself out of business. Learn from the Pro and get started today! There's no reason the other cleaners should be better at this than you.  Invest in your business now.

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 This special report contains specific information on
How to Estimate House Cleaning Costs
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