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Professional housecleaning tips to start your independent cleaning business and take you from a novice to a speed cleaning professional. You'll quickly land the RIGHT customers and be in-profit - making more money than you thought possible...

Discover How YOU Can Quickly Profit From theSAME House Cleaning Tips I Developed
to Start 
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Dear Business Builder,

Now you can have all the house cleaning tips and tricks from my Internet best selling eBook, The House Cleaning Pro. I've taken the tips and tricks I used to ensure quality work, satisify customer needs and increase profits and assembled them just for the existing small business owner and the individual cleaner.  If you have NO plans to hire employees in the near future, this eBook is for you (otherwise, you should look at  Business-in-a-Box).

And it's not a wimp, either - it's a full 119 pages of quality information on:

  • How to Start a Cleaning Business
  • Types of Advertising for a Cleaning Business 
  • Bidding Cleaning Jobs 
  • Cleaning Products 
  • Professional Cleaning Procedures on the Job 
  • Speed Cleaning for Efficiency and Quality 
  • Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty - Keeping Clients Happy 

Most people looking for home cleaning tips and tricks are already professional house cleaners interested in information to make their job easier and at the same time make more money. But this book can also be used by someone just starting out. It's not just a few tips; it's packed with valuable information. Buy Now!

 It's Not Easy Without Ongoing Support

I find that most people make the mistake of thinking it's easy to start a house cleaning business. But then they have trouble getting jobs, they have problems with their clients and they have nobody to help them. That's how I started and I didn't have anyone to help me out.

So it took a long time to discover all the issues that can and do arise and how to prevent them. But I worked really hard and developed a system that you can duplicate and avoid those problems that only hold you back.

Why You'll Have the Edge Over
Your Competition

Before starting my cleaning business, I went through a lot of cleaning companies while having my house professionally cleaned and I got tired of having to redo the work myself because they could not deliver the service they promised.

I knew where these companies made their mistakes and I used this knowledge to build one of the best independent, house cleaning businesses in my city.

This took a lot of dedicated time in the field to develop the speed cleaning procedures that allowed me to charge more and at the same time make my job easier. Every situation you are encountering, I have been through and resolved.

Get the Resolution to Major Issues You
Encounter in Residential Cleaning

Here's some of the issues I had that you may be familiar with:

  • Why don't I get more calls from my advertising? 
  • New customers expect me to do more work for the same price - how do I fix this? 
  • Why do I have to keep lowering my price to get the job? 
  • I'm estimating new jobs with an additional fee for the initial clean and still losing money; why? 
  • I need to make more money, how do do this? 
  • Why do I get all the customers that don't want to pay my rate? 
  • How do I get more people to schedule an appointment when I estimate the job? 
  • How can I accurately estimate new jobs without actually seeing the property? 
  • I bid on a job and have never heard back from them; why? 
  • There are pets in the home that won't let me in a room; what do I do? 
  • How do I get people to stop telling me how to clean? 
  • What do I do about customers that always complain? 
  • There is mold in the bathroom that keeps growing; what do I do? 
  • I need to raise the rate for a client because it's taking longer that when I estimated the job. How do I raise my rate and not lose the client? 


Charge Top Dollar for Your Services

I realize that anyone can pick up some rags and cleaning products and start cleaning houses. And everyone would love to have their house cleaned.

But not everyone wants to pay you top dollar to clean it for them! In fact, if you don't know how to transition to these top paying customers, you'll never make more money and you'll always be frustrated with the same problems.

That's why you benefit with the techniques I developed for estimating house cleaning prices.  You'll learn how to sell yourself like a pro and get the customers that will pay you what you're worth - this is the real selling without selling technique that I developed to land 98% of the jobs I estimated.  Realistically, there are some people that just won't schedule an appointment and you don't want everyone as your customer anyway! You'll rapidly learn how to identify these people and not waste your time.

  Your Income Can Skyrocket!

If you're not getting enough cleaning jobs, read my house cleaning tips on how to to bid effectively and you'll understand why. Are you losing money by underbidding jobs? You'll discover the average cleaning time for less than 1,000sf and up to 3,200sf for the initial cleans. And to make sure you estimate the ongoing service accurately, I provide you with a chart on average cleaning times by square footage.

Learn how to quote your cleaning business proposals to your prospect and make them want to pay for your service. People don't automatically want to pay what you charge, but there is a way to convince them that you are the best person/business for their job.

Imagine yourself performing the home cleaning estimate, inspecting the house and telling your prospect everything that you're going to clean. When you're ready to work up your numbers and quote them a price, they're ready to schedule an appointment. And you're ready with your appointment book!

It really can be that easy when you know exactly what to say.

You'll Become Knowledgeable and
Proficient With. . .

House Cleaning Tips Image My Secret to Guarantee You Loads of Referrals - you can't expect your clients to remember that you take referrals!
House Cleaning Tips Image How to Price for Maximum Profits - You determine your profit and I'll provide the formula
House Cleaning Tips Image How to Effectively Estimate Every Job with charts for the initial cleans and ongoing service 
House Cleaning Tips Image How to Earn More from Your Customers - I'll show you how
House Cleaning Tips Image How the Professionals Reduce Cleaning Time and Increase Profits - A procedure I developed that will stretch your schedule making room for more jobs. 
House Cleaning Tips Image Bacteria and Disinfecting - What You Don't Know Can Hurt You; I have a separate section on this because so many people don't have this information.
House Cleaning Tips Image Pets - What You Need to Know or You Won't be Cleaning in That House Again - You're Fired! 
Home Cleaning Tips Image What Customers Want and How to Give it to Them; Most cleaners think they know what their customers want; you'll be surprised.
Home Cleaning Tips Image How to Sell Yourself and Your Service for Maximum Profit - nobody likes to sell; I'll show exactly the procedure I used to win 98% of the jobs I bid. 
Home Cleaning Tips Image
What You Should Know About Client Keys; don't take them just because they're offered! 
Home Cleaning Tips Image Why There is a Specific Procedure for Arriving To and Completing Jobs 
Home Cleaning Tips Image Why You Need Work Orders; They'll Even Get Your Rate Increase for You!
Home Cleaning Tips Image Step-by-Step Cleaning Procedures BY ROOM for Quality and Efficiency 
Home Cleaning Tips Image Super Tips and Tricks to Impress Every Customer

Satisfied Customers = Easy Money

Keeping your new clients is your key to growth and profits! But, there's more to keeping them than just doing a good cleaning. You'll learn exactly what it takes by the discoveries I made that I'm passing on to you.

  • Compensation - Estimate the Job Right or You'll Lose Your Shirt! 
  • How to Set the Customer's Expectation Before You Arrive  
  • What You Need to Know to Avoid Having the Customer Managing You 
  • Why Your First Impression on the Job is so Important 
  • Proper Follow-Up With New Customers Sets the Tone For Your Relationship 
  • How Far You Bend to Satisfy a Customer that Complains About Everything; How to Resolve the Issues AND Keep Them From Complaining About You! 


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Your Clients are Your Clients. . .
Not Your Friends

Some think that their clients are their friends. This is a business and your clients are your business customers. You have a special relationship with them because of the intimate nature of the work we do. But never forget that you're the first to go when they run short on money.

This is a business and a business is established to make money; unless of course you're looking for a hobby and don't mind being only moderately successful with your friends; that's OK too!

Pro Tips and Tricks

For independent cleaners just starting out and experienced self-employed house cleaners who just want to learn a few new tricks, procedures or techniques:


house cleaning tips image

Read the Table of Contents 


Remember, You Don't Have to Read this on Your Computer; You Can Print it!

119 Pages of Quality Tips and Tricks
from the original House Cleaning Pro



I think the reason I knew so much of the “cleaning” part was simply my age and having had my own home for many years (as well as my own cleaning lady).

I know how much it’s taken to do this site! I wish you luck! And as I go, (regarding the business end of it) I know I will need ya! I didn’t throw my money away on this site! Yeah, it’s good to know, I’m not alone.
God bless you all in your business.
Kathy Baker

I created this book to provide you with the ability to be
far superior than your competitors

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90 Day Money-Back Guarantee 

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How Much Are You Willing to Invest
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 Your Future?

You'll recover the cost of this book with just
one new customer using the procedures I provide

And...Your investment in the Tips and Tricks is a Business Expense
making it a legal tax deduction

Did you know that all successful entrepreneurs and corporate executives invest in ongoing education?  They do this by attending high-priced specialized seminars and purchasing high-cost training systems specific to their profession. It's not unusual for them to spend $2,500 and even as high as $5,000 for either of these types of training.

As a professional cleaning business, you need to keep yourself informed on new techniques and products. The House Cleaning Pro Tips and Tricks is one way of helping you to meet this objective.

 The House Cleaning Pro will Show You
How to

If you're happy with the income you're now making then you don't need my house cleaning tips and tricks. But if you're struggling with issues or want to improve your techniques or just want to make more money, this is a small investment to make for the success of your business.

So I only have one more question for you:

When do you want to start multiplying your income?

There's no better time to get started than right now because each day you delay means lost income and the chance for unlimited income.

You risk absolutely nothing.

Frankly, my house cleaning Tips and Tricks from The House Cleaning Pro is not for the timid -- and it's not for those already perfectly satisfied with the income they currently earn. It is reserved for those who have a vision for their success. 

So go ahead and give The House Cleaning Pro Tips and Tricks a test drive. My Guarantee is simple:

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The House Cleaning Pro

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